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What could go wrong? Venezuelan president calls on citizens to voluntarily disarm

Last year in Venezuela, the government banned private gun ownership — and over 21,000 people were murdered. But acting President Nicolás Maduro doesn’t think self-defense should be a priority for citizens. At a rally yesterday, he called on Venezuelans to surrender their weapons, insisting that only police and the military should possess firearms.


No doubt this will end well:


(Note: If English subtitles do not appear automatically, the “cc” icon.)

Though we clearly haven’t reached this point ourselves, thankfully, Maduro’s words should have a familiar ring.

As blogger Jorge Bonilla notes:


Maduro’s unvarnished call for disarmament mirrors our own progressive gun-grabbers right here in the good ‘ole U.S. of A, and should deliver a shocking wake-up call to anyone with even the slightest vested interest in defending their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Maduro doesn’t even bother with hunting and self-defense non-sequiturs, or try to make goofy recommendations á la Shotgun Joe; he goes right to “give me the guns” mode.

Government gun grabbers put the public in more danger, not less.

A populace unable to defend itself from government tyranny … somewhere, Hugo Chavez is smiling.

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