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Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski denies committing sin of omission, gets caught red-handed

As Twitchy reported, Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski not-so-subtly used Bob Beckel’s cretinous date rape comments to smear Fox News and conservatives. Called out on his slimy shenanigans, Kaczynski responded like so:


Which, of course, makes it totally OK to omit the fact that Beckel is a liberal Democrat. Except, according to Kaczynski, that omission was never made:

Literally!!11! Or is it? See, here’s what Kaczynski’s post originally looked like:

Buzzfeed Beckel story — original

And here’s how it appears now:

Buzzfeed Beckel post — changed

Notice a little something extra in the subheadline? We do. What a difference a word makes, huh?

Once upon a time, Kaczynski understood that it’s good journalistic practice to note that a headline (or subheadline, as it were) has been changed after initial publication:

Buzzfeed headline updated

Evidently, that time has passed. Now, he’s reduced to futilely clawing his way out of an ever-embiggening hole of his own creation.


Keep digging, Andrew.



Kaczynski now acknowledges that the “liberal” was added later. He claims he added it “literally seconds” after the post was published, before he tweeted out the link:

The thing is, we reached the post via this tweet:

We grabbed that screenshot after clicking on the link that he tweeted. Kaczynski’s story doesn’t pass the smell test. Naturally, he’s digging that hole of his even deeper — by blaming Twitchy for his problems.

We’re OK with that. Forward, the Twitchy Brigade!

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