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Dem. Sen. Patty Murray bemoans domestic violence, ignores woman beater Pat Moran

Washington Senator Patty Murray took to her soapbox today to reiterate the importance of protecting victims of domestic abuse. Earlier this year, the Senate passed a bill reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and Murray is waiting on the House to follow suit.


The good senator stressed the importance of putting aside political differences to focus on the victims:

And then proceeded to turn domestic violence into a political issue:

Sure is a neat trick, huh? What Murray failed to comment on, though, was the importance of protecting abused women from slap-happy Democrats like Jim Moran and his son Patrick.


Gee, those crickets really are deafening.

Awww, who are we kidding? As we all know, that magical (D) after your name confers immunity from media and political scrutiny. Only Republicans beat women and prop up abusers; Democrats are just smacking sense into ladies who are asking for it.

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