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Citizens exercise their freedom of speech, blast anti-American, anti-Christian UPenn prof Anthea Butler

As Twitchy reported this morning, University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler embarked on a mind-bogglingly idiotic tirade in which she blamed the director of an anti-Islam film for yesterday’s atrocities in Egypt and Libya. Butler had tweeted about the importance of understanding that words have consequences, but she was clearly unable to face the consequences of her own words. Twitchy’s story resulted in a flood of righteous indignation:


Butler apparently had a very difficult time grasping that freedom of expression is a two-way street, and she soon protected her Twitter account. Her supporters agreed with this cowardly course of action, and they wanted her to know that they had her back:

Awww … poor baby.

Meanwhile, citizens familiar with the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution exercised their right to free speech and rightly blasted Butler for her hit-and-run brand of anti-American garbage and religious bigotry:



One U.S. Army veteran reminded Butler of the sacrifices countless Americans have made in order to protect the rights of people like her to act like complete jackasses:

Boom. Couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.



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