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Run and tell that: Antoine Dodson won't stop eating at Chick-fil-A; Updated

You know him best as the Alabama man who scared away a potential rapist, but Antoine Dodson has a lot more to say than just “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.”


Dodson, who is gay, voiced his support for Chick-fil-A and pledged his continued patronage. In spite of Dan Cathy’s personal opposition to gay marriage, Dodson believes the fast-food chain’s CEO is entitled to his own opinion, and he resents being told where he can and cannot eat by those who disagree with Cathy’s views.

Hold the phone — Dodson believes in freedom of speech and the right to make personal decisions for oneself? It sure looks that way, at least when it comes to where and what he eats.

Gasp! What would Dan Savage say?

Who cares? Strange as it may seem, Dodson’s voice here is one of reason, and we say good on him. Other Twitterers agree:


Maybe so, but a little bit of heat never hurt anyone.

In your face, Eliza Dushku. You can run and tell that, homegirl.



Dodson actually posted a video last night in which he expressed his support for freedom of speech and respect for those with opposing points of view. He also commended businesses like Chick-fil-A for providing employment:

And today, after taking some flack for his Chick-fil-A support, he has posted a follow-up in which he maintains his original position and calls out boycotters for their foolishness:

Go Antoine!

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