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Update: Spike Lee tweeted out wrong address for George Zimmerman; couple moves out

Spike Lee fancies himself quite the human rights crusader. Remember when Twitchy reported that he tweeted out what was supposedly George Zimmerman’s home address? In the name of justice?


Well, Spike managed to overlook one itty-bitty piece of information: that address doesn’t belong to George Zimmerman. It belongs to a woman named Elaine.

According to [a neighbor], a number of news agencies drove through looking for Mr. Zimmerman. While it was not wise at to incite the masses to go to an address he thought was Mr. Zimmerman’s to begin with,  Mr. Lee should should still “do the right thing” and give the actual resident at the address above some peace and apologize for disrupting her life.

It’s so aggravating when facts get in the way, isn’t it, Spike? And what of Elaine? Last time we checked, she had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case. And yet, because of you, people like this guy were ready to descend on Elaine’s house.!/TheNotorious_/status/183339247401578496

It’s highly unlikely that someone like that is only interested in knocking on the door and having a reasonable discussion over milk and cookies. Elaine and her family have been put in danger. Her neighbors have been put in danger. Regardless of who is living at the address Lee tweeted out, posting that information on Twitter was reckless, thoughtless, and classless. We wonder how he would feel if his address suddenly got splashed across the internet.


He talks a big game, but would he really be OK with it?!/SpikeLee/status/183520671773622273

Yes, Lee has a son. And if he really dares someone to post his home address in the public sphere, he is either bluffing and therefore a liar, or he is being sincere and doesn’t give a crap about his son’s safety. So which is it, Spike? And when can Elaine expect your apology?


Update: The couple has moved out of their home.!/orlandosentinel/status/184852853154791424


Update: It looks like Spike Lee is in violation of Twitter’s terms of service.!/DLoesch/status/185040875259305985


*Editors’ note: Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have to make a point of defending ourselves from insults, because we believe in our work and in our integrity, and we stand behind what we do. But several days after this post, in which we apologized for posting a picture that was erroneously identified as a photo of Trayvon Martin, we are still receiving comments accusing us of having a racist agenda. This is patently false. We report the facts as best we can, and if we make a mistake, we own up to it. Frankly, that’s a lot more than other so-called “research organizations” can say for themselves. So for anyone with a mind to continue perpetuating the mendacious idea that Twitchy is racist or obsessed with race, bear in mind that while Spike Lee got the address wrong, intending to reveal the address of a man whose race is different from his own, we’re not going on poisonous diatribes about how Lee is RAAAAAAAAAACIST. –Twitchy staff


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