I wasn’t really aware of this because David Frum is very difficult to care about, but apparently David Frum has until very recently been on some kind of Twitter hiatus, at least when it comes to Ron DeSantis.

This was his most recent tweet on the Florida Governor:

Until, that is, he tweeted out his new article the other day, “Is Ron DeSantis Flaming Out Already?” Evidently he’s pretty proud of this one, because he tweeted about it a bunch of times:

Because winning “the Fox primary” would signal that Ron DeSantis is flaming out?

This is so, so weird, you guys. The freakout over a guy who hasn’t even announced his candidacy … these people are terrified.

Begging for clicks is never a good look. But, then again, neither is being David Frum. So.

Well, yeah. Of course it is. But we should play anyway, because it’s David Frum we’re dealing with and he’s never not fun to kick around.

But … but David really, really wants this, dammit! He’s not going to let this dream die:

If Ron DeSantis flames out, then Donald Trump has a decent shot at the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, which means that David Frum et al. can keep their grift going for another four years. Frum’s not worried about oUr DeMoCrAcY; he’s worried about his bottom line. Once Donald Trump is out of the picture, the cash cow dries up. And David Frum loses his entire reason for existing.

Bless his heart. He’s trying so hard.

Parting evergreen tweet:



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