Until very recently, we were unfamiliar with tweeter @CRShort81. And what a shame that is. Apparently we’ve been missing out on all kinds of quality content. Just look at his Twitter bio!

He must’ve run out of space for his preferred pronouns.

Anyhoo, yesterday, Ryan decided to share a text conversation between himself and his Republican father:

We’ll get to his email in a second.

@WeeklyTarot is correct in calling it emotional extortion. Of course, Ryan clearly disagrees, or at least he doesn’t see anything wrong with emotional extortion:

Not sure what’s so funny here. Maybe the aforementioned email can shed some light on that.

Or maybe it’s even worse than the text conversation:

That “Love you” at the end is ironic, to say the least.

Bless his bigoted, shriveled little heart. He actually thinks this is what winning looks like.

Guy who paints himself as a victim (and potential target of genocide) is the aggressor in this scenario. “Unhinged” is right.

Same here.


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