Last month, The Cochrane Library published their findings from a review of available data on the effectiveness of masking as a protective measure against the spread of COVID and other respiratory illnesses, and those findings were that masking may not be nearly as effective as The Science™ maintained for so long.

Some were able to accept this new information and proceed accordingly, but some couldn’t help but just dig their heels in even harder and demonize Cochrane for actually taking a scientific approach to the issue. Go ahead and put New York Times columnist and Columbia Professor Zeynep Tufekci into the latter category. Tufekci has a new opinion piece up in the Times today all about how “the science is clear that masks work” and Cochrane has admitted that they “misrepresented” their findings:

“Correcting the record.” Is that really what Cochrane did, though? We’ll get that in a minute.

Know what’s even less hard than that? Being honest about what Cochrane actually said. And yet, Zeynep can’t bring herself to do it.

That … doesn’t sound like Cochrane is admitting to misrepresenting their findings. We’ve read it a few times and we’re still not seeing anything like that.

Cochrane’s statement clarifies that their findings do not make it clear that masks are very effective in preventing the spread of respiratory viruses. That’s not the same as saying that masks work.

Nice try, buddy. But no:

Zeynep Tufekci is the one misrepresenting information here.

So weird how that happens.

And so weird how the pro-mask-mandate brigade only doubles down even in the face of narrative-busting evidence.

If they could admit that they’d let their zeal to own the cons get in the way of their ability to think critically, we might at least be able to respect them just a little bit. But they’d sooner rip out their own fingernails with their teeth than even mouth the words “mea culpa.”

Unless you think of their job as willfully misleading the public in order to push a left-wing agenda. Because in that case, few do it better.



Author calls out NYT over their ‘editorial demand for fraud’ when it comes to the science on masking


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