Yesterday on “The View,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg said that “Tucker Carlson took a page from George Orwell’s ‘1984’” in showing previously unreleased footage from the January 6 riots at the Capitol:

And today, in what scientists call “a delightfully ironic but not-at-all surprising twist,” Whoopi argued that the First Amendment isn’t absolute and that lying “should be against the law”:

Whoopi thinks we need to get the Justice Department involved in cleaning up the public discourse:

“The View” routinely lies about all sorts of stuff. Whoopi alone has been an active and willing participant in the spread of tons of misinformation and disinformation. Just look at the misinformation and disinformation she spread about the First Amendment today!

Right? How many times have we busted “The View” for pushing lies, just in the past few months alone? And we’ve never called for them to be shut down. Last time we checked, dishonesty wasn’t against the law. Neither was stupidity, fortunately for “The View.”

No kidding.

Be careful what you wish for, Whoopi.


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