The Washington Post has a new “analysis” today that finds that a huge part of our public health system has been “defanged” by a nefarious network of conservatives and libertarians operating through the legislature and the legal system. Read all about it:

Wow, you guys. This sounds pretty serious.


OK, there’s quite a bit to unpack here. Where should we start? How about with the obvious? “According to a Washington Post analysis” is often a dead giveaway that you’re in store for some BS. And, lo and behold, you are!

What is this “staggers into the fourth year of COVID” business?

Are we really staggering? President Biden has confidently informed us that the pandemic is over (except for when he needs to be able to use the pandemic to justify vast executive overreach, of course). Most normal people seem to have gotten pretty comfortable with the prospect of living their lives again, and if they’re staggering over anything, it’s stuff like inflation and food shortages. But you go off, WaPo.

Another authoritarian planet, that is.

Seriously, read the WaPo’s thread again and try to tell us you don’t get major “MOAR AUTHORITARIANISM” vibes. You can’t. You literally can’t. Because this “analysis” with its “experts” and whatnot effectively boils down to “unelected government bureaucrats need to bypass the legislatures and force people to wear masks, force schools to shut down, and force the public to abide by “‘protective measures.'” How can America survive without a vast government bureaucracy dictating what is and isn’t good for us?

WaPo is evidently terrified of legislatures being in charge of passing laws. The CDC should be in charge of that! Damn that pesky Constitution …

Not just losing power, but losing their fangs.


So should the Washington Post, come to think of it.

They really do, though.


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