Earlier, we told you about Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin calling out the L.A. Times for pretending that he didn’t give them a response to their story about John Oliver’s recent anti-DeSantis rant. Griffin did, in fact, respond to their inquiry. And honestly, it’s not like they even deserved a response. Their article was basically all about how awesome and truth-bomb-y John Oliver is despite him not really knowing what the hell he’s talking about.

Aaaaaaanyway, it was really nice of Griffin to offer the L.A. Times a comment. And his comment was pretty much perfect. But for what it’s worth, Griffin’s colleague, DeSantis deputy press secretary Jeremy Redfern, apparently has a slightly different approach to inquiries from the press:

It’s just one little word, but it carries so much weight. Enough weight to leave a big dent in WaPo’s face.

You love to see it.

Nice try, WaPo.



Winning: Gov. Ron DeSantis’ deputy press secretary ‘slightly more embarrassing’ than Christina Pushaw


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