We must’ve missed the memo that went out about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wearing boots and that being hilarious for some reason, not to mention really embarrassing for him. But clearly a memo went out, because we’ve seen several people comment on it mockingly.

There was American Bridge President Pat Dennis a couple of weeks ago:

And yesterday, we had Washington Post “pro-democracy opinion writer” and MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin:

You’d have to ask him that, Jen. But we wouldn’t if we were you. Not when you have plenty to be embarrassed about yourself. Like, say, getting busted yet again by Siraj Hashmi. It’s happened so many times, we’ve actually lost count. But we have yet to get tired of watching it happen.

Seriously, we’ll never get tired of stuff like this:

That’s her, all right.

Well done, Mr. Hashmi. You truly have a gift.


We’d actually love to see that. It’d probably go a little something like this:

Never. Gets. Old.



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