Yesterday, we told you about CNN’s “analysis” by Devan Cole looking at the fact that “the fate of Biden’s student loan forgiveness program […] lies in the hands of 9 relatively wealthy people who graduated from a short list of elite private schools.”

Almost 24 hours later, we still haven’t figured out why we’re supposed to be upset that the Supreme Court has a decision to make. That’s kind of what they do. But then, maybe we’re the problem. Maybe, because we’re not journalists, we just don’t understand what’s at stake here. Maybe we should ask The Economist’s SCOTUS expert Steven Mazie to explain it to us:

Working for a publication called “The Economist,” you’d think that Steven Mazie would be a little more well versed in the economics of student debt “forgiveness.” But clearly he is not, nor does he understand that wiping out student loans by executive fiat is just straight-up illegal. And that his take is just straight-up embarrassing and weird.

It’s a take that’s too hot to handle with bare hands!

What happens is Steven gets his butt kicked.

Has Steven figured out how stupid he sounds yet?

Now there’s a good take.


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