Last month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin shared a very interesting email from reporter John Blake, who was soliciting a response from DeSantis’ campaign to alleged “scholars” critical of DeSantis’ war against the woke AP African American Studies curriculum (which Blake falsely misrepresented as an African American History course):

Needless to say, Griffin didn’t take the bait:

And it sounds like Griffin and the rest of Team DeSantis won’t be taking the bait anytime soon.

In case you missed it, late last week, during her interview with Vice President Kamala Harris in Munich, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell falsely claimed that Ron DeSantis says that “slavery and the aftermath” shouldn’t be taught in schools:

Ron DeSantis has said no such thing, of course. And while we can’t be sure if Andrea Mitchell actually believes he said it or knows he didn’t and just doesn’t care, either way, the best course of action for DeSantis’ campaign going forward is to stay the hell away from Andrea Mitchell and anything NBC- or MSNBC-related.

And according to Bryan Griffin, that’s exactly what they’re doing:

Until “NBC and its affiliates display a consistent track record of truthful reporting.” In other words, hell will have to freeze over before the DeSantis campaign even considers giving NBC or MSNBC the time of day.

You love to see it.

It’s the only way.



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