Vice President Kamala Harris graciously took some time out of her busy schedule at the Munich Security Conference to sit down with MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell for a one-on-one interview. And it went just as well as you’d expect a one-on-one interview with Kamala Harris to go:

Welp, Kamala didn’t answer Andrea’s question at all. Maybe she just hadn’t gotten going yet. Maybe she just needed a little more time to be able to gather all of her thoughts together.

Or maybe she just wanted to confirm that she’s not the right person to be on the ticket with Joe Biden or on any ticket at all for any political office of any kind:

Shall we give transcribing it a shot? All right, here we go:

Kamala Harris: “But when you present, the, the, the suggestion that anyone is saying, um, that, that it is time for a new generation, and they’re running against the person who is president, um, and it, when presented as though it’s an attack, I would like to let, let us all be clear that the attack is misplaced. If the point of it is that we need leadership that is strong, because we have a strong leader in Joe Biden.”

Andrea Mitchell: “Thank you very much, Madam Vice President. Thank you for your time.”

Kamala Harris: “Thank you.”

It’s only fair that we point out that we didn’t hear the question that Harris was responding to, but it’s also only fair to point out that there is literally no question to which what Kamala Harris said could possibly be considered a coherent response.

Not even Keyboard Cat could play that off. What even was that?

Oh dear.

Not even a smidgen.

Yep. And that’s maybe the most disturbing part of all.


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