Pete Buttigieg’s tenure as U.S. Secretary of Transportation hasn’t gone terribly well. But to his credit, he’s not letting his disastrous record so far crush his spirit. God bless him, his sense of humor is just as strong as it’s ever been.


*Pause for audience laughter* Balloons! Get it??? LOL at Chinese spy balloons!

We don’t think it’s funny. And we can guarantee you that the people of East Palestine, Ohio, don’t think it’s funny. There’s really nothing funny about supply chains being strangled and tons of airline passengers being stranded and Chinese spy balloons when you’re trying to deal with the aftermath of a freight train loaded up with hazardous materials derailing and toxins have been released into the air and into the ground and water.

Silence and miserable failure would definitely be on-brand for him.

Maybe the people of East Palestine would be better off if Pete Buttigieg stays the hell away from there, honestly. Because he has a real knack for mucking up anything he touches. If he stays hands-off on East Palestine, those people might at least have a chance of getting through this disaster.



Here’s a great visual depiction of the public’s faith in Pete Buttigieg during transportation crises

Pete Buttigieg reminds us after the FAA mess that ‘glitches and complications happen all the time’


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