Some people are calling Sam Smith’s Satan-heavy Grammy performance evil, but that’s pretty excessive. It’s cringeworthy and dumb and thoroughly boring and unoriginal, but is it evil?

When you’re gauging things like evilness, it’s important to maintain perspective. Perhaps this tweet from the Jewish Democratic Council of America can help you out with that. Because strictly objectively speaking, this seems way worse than Sam Smith wearing a hat with devil horns and cavorting with dancers dressed like demons:

Screenshotted for posterity:

Taking swipes at George Santos is perfectly acceptable. Suggesting that Jewish Democrats are better and purer than Jewish Republicans is … not.

For those of you who aren’t well versed in Yiddish insults, that translates to “Go take a sh*t in the ocean.”

And that’s an entirely appropriate response to the Jewish Democratic Council of America’s shameful and ugly tweet and the shameful and ugly product they’re peddling.

It sounds like that because that’s exactly what it is.


Our thoughts exactly.

That would be a good move. But just to be absolutely sure you clowns don’t do something like this again:


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