It’s never a bad time to do a postmortem of the mainstream media. Probably because they’re constantly looking for new ways to kill their reputation. Burying themselves alive seems to be a particularly popular method for them.

Jeff Gerth, a veteran investigative reporter, has painstakingly put together a comprehensive piece for the Columbia Journalism Review, a piece that CJR editor in chief Kyle Pope calls “an encyclopedic look at one of the most consequential moments in American media history.” That’s not an exaggeration. Gerth’s piece consists of four meticulously sourced and researched parts and detailed analysis of the political and media landscape over the past several years, particularly concerning the media’s relationships with Donald Trump. In Gerth’s words:

“On the eve of a new era of intense political coverage, this is a look back at what the press got right, and what it got wrong, about the man who once again wants to be president. So far, few news organizations have reckoned seriously with what transpired between the press and the presidency during this period. That failure will almost certainly shape the coverage of what lies ahead.”

Michael Shellenberger, who has emerged as an important voice in investigative reporting in his own right, read through Gerth’s work and helpfully spotlighted some of the most valuable and consequential insights from Gerth. And he kindly shared them in an extensive thread that, like Gerth’s reporting, is definitely worth your time:

The mainstream media is in desperate need of the capacity for introspection.

Read them.



Naturally, Glenn Greenwald has some thoughts about Gerth’s piece as well:



Want to see *actual* collusion? Michael Shellenberger details how Russia’s collaboration with climate activists has helped fuel the global energy crisis


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