Donald Trump has been known to tell a lie or two in the course of his lifetime, but one could make an extremely compelling case that he still has nothing on Joe Biden. Seriously, Biden can’t open his mouth without, like, six lies tumbling out.

And here’s another one:

Where do we even begin with that tweet?

Yep. If he were trying to make us feel like we were all hallucinating when we heard him repeatedly argue that draining the strategic petroleum reserve was a good and necessary despite the objections of Republicans, what, pray tell, would he be doing differently?

Non-emergency SPR sales … like sales to China.

Joe Biden didn’t dip into and deplete the strategic petroleum reserve because of any “disruption”; he did it to buy votes for Democrats in the midterms. It was Biden’s own economic policies that contributed so heavily to the spike in gas prices. And here he is trying to make House Republicans look like they’re the ones who want to mess up the SPR and screwing Americans over.

The more we read Biden’s tweet, the angrier we get. Everything about it is terrible.

All Joe Biden has ever done is play politics. And America loses every time.


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