Is there no end to Ron DeSantis’ authoritarian rule? Is there no cure for his madness? You think we’re joking around, but you don’t know what he just said. He said that … God, we can’t even bring ourselves to write it here. You’ll just have to watch it and hear it for yourselves:

Can you even right now? You’ve literally just heard a sitting Republican governor call for teachers making students keep their cell phones in cubbies or something. During class, no less!

Actually, that sounds pretty reasonable. Really reasonable, even.

But it seems that NYU professor and MSNBC columnist and expert on authoritarians, fascism, and propaganda Ruth Ben-Ghiat would not agree:

We wish for Ruth’s sake that she was just being funny. And technically, she is. It’s just not on purpose.

No, as an NYU professor and MSNBC columnist and expert on authoritarians, fascism, and propaganda, she’s being 150% serious when she says that Ron DeSantis suggesting that students put away their cell phones during class is dangerous and authoritarian.

For eff’s sake, Ruth. Calm down.

You wanna know the scariest part? There are actually people out there who actually agree with Ruth Ben-Ghiat’s take:

OMG! He’s too calm when making his case! He should be screaming and gesticulating wildly, which would be way more normal and way less scary!

See, now those tweets are way more terrifying than anything Ron DeSantis has done so far.

Yeah, that’s because you are being paranoid. But keep it up, by all means. If nothing else, it’s highly entertaining for the rest of us.

You know who else hated cell phones in class?



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