Bari Weiss is a pretty buzzy journalist, particularly in light of her recent reporting on “The Twitter Files,” in which, with Elon Musk’s blessing and assistance, she and Matt Taibbi have exposed the insidious culture of corruption and collusion and left-wing bias that infected Twitter prior to Musk’s takeover. Yesterday, Axios ran a story about The Free Press, Weiss’ effort to restore journalism to at least some semblance of its former glory with — brace yourselves — actual journalism:

Bari Weiss, the New York Times columnist turned independent newsletter writer, has hired ten full-time employees and over a dozen contractors to help build her new media company, The Free Press, Weiss told Axios in an interview.

Why it matters: The success of Weiss’ Substack newsletter and podcast, both of which she launched last year after leaving The New York Times, shows there’s an appetite for coverage that’s meant to rebuke traditional media products.

  • “I’m responding to a demand, and I’m expanding based on the hunger of the audience. And that hunger and appetite is just huge. We’re at the very, very beginning of what this could be,” Weiss said.

Sounds like something we could really use right about now. Also sounds like something that could pose a threat to Washington Post tech columnist Taylor Lorenz. Based on Lorenz’s reaction to Axios’ story, it sure sounds like she feels threatened by Weiss:

Just as a heads-up: if you’re thinking about responding directly to Taylor’s tweets, you’ll have to do so via quote-retweet or screenshot, because she’s limited replies only to those she follows. Go figure.

Bari Weiss’ commitment to free speech is very offensive to someone like Taylor Lorenz. So is Weiss’ commitment to good journalism, as a matter of fact:

That’s definitely way more up Taylor’s alley than anything Bari Weiss and The Free Press will put out.

And speaking of being up Taylor’s alley, did you notice that Lorenz’s list of things that disqualify Bari Weiss from being a legitimate journalist are very much up her own alley? Like, it’s uncanny!

No kidding.

Very much so.


Man. No wonder Taylor limited replies. If we were ginormous self-righteous hypocrites with no shame whatsoever, we’d do the same.

Ah yes. We mustn’t forget that part.

Greenwald definitely has a way with words. We couldn’t’ve come up with a better description for Taylor Lorenz.





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