Following the deadly Club Q shooting, woke lefties and radical LGBTQ activists sounded the alarm about the serious threat posed to the LGBTQ community by conservatives, particularly conservatives of the parenting variety.

OK, so woke lefties and radical LGBTQ activists have been sounding the alarm about that since before the shooting, but in a perverse narrative twist, they’ve been using the shooting as a weapon to further impugn conservatives. Not only was the shooting conservatives’ fault — despite there being no real evidence as of yet that the shooter was influenced by conservative media or conservatives in general to murder a bunch of people at a nightclub — but conservatives effectively actively encouraged it. Every time a conservative criticizes “kid-friendly” drag events over the sexualization or grooming of minor children, the Woke Mob leaps into action, pointing their fingers and accusing conservatives of fomenting hate against the LGBTQ community.

That’s not what’s actually happening, of course. Not wanting your kid to be around scantily clad men dressed up as women and twerking and singing sexually explicit lyrics doesn’t mean that you hate LGBTQ people; it just means you don’t want your kids being exposed to sexually inappropriate performances. You know, because they’re kids.

But according to NBC News tech and culture reporter Kat Tenbarge, it’s not the people who want kids exposed to the sexual stuff who are wrong; it’s the parents who want to protect their kids who are the problem.

You’re not a parent, are you, Kat? We sincerely hope you’re not a parent. Please tell us you’re not a parent …

Well, based on the rest of Tenbarge’s thread, we’d really like to believe that she was just on something when she wrote it. Alas, she and others like her will spew this kind of garbage even when they’re stone-cold sober:

“The problem has never been kids exposed to sex or suggestiveness.” Really? That hasn’t been a problem, Kat?

What in the hell … ?

Again, we sincerely hope that Kat doesn’t have any kids. And that she’s never left alone with any kids.

Uh, who’s doing the indoctrinating here? Parents who don’t think drag shows are for kids, or people like Kat Tenbarge who push for schools to teach young kids how to explore their gender and sexuality?

So just because the internet exists, parents should stop trying to safeguard their kids against sexual exploitation and predation?

“Responsible gun owners and parents who don’t want their kids around adult-oriented events of an obvious sexual nature are the problem” is quite a take. Although, to be fair, it’s exactly the sort of take that NBC News employees have been vomiting up lately.

We’re not here to tell anyone how to parent, but if we may offer up a humble piece of advice for all the parents out there: please, for the love of God, do not base your parenting decisions on what people like Kat Tenbarge have decided is healthy and good for your kids. You are your child’s best advocate, their most vital protector.

All our children are not belong to people like Kat Tenbarge. Let’s make sure it stays that way.



We had to include this little revelation from Stephen L. Miller:



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