Happy Monday, everyone.

OK, well, maybe it’s not a happy Monday for everyone … but it is for the fearless firefighters of the New York Times, at least. See, Hurricane Ian officially has a body count now, and that presents a golden opportunity to dance on some graves at Gov. Ron DeSantis’ expense.

National correspondent Mike Baker actually got the party started last Friday:

Maggie Haberman retweeted that last one yesterday:

Thanks for that, Maggie.

Compared to this, say?


They really, really are. If only they could try so hard to contain their enthusiasm and excitement.

Why do that when they can write about how Ron DeSantis hates Floridians and wants them dead?

Monday morning quarterbacks like Maggie Haberman can’t answer any of those questions. (A) Because they have no answers, and (B) because they see their job as taking down Ron DeSantis.

Because none of them knew exactly what Hurricane Ian was going to do.

Yep. And, unlike them, Ron DeSantis never claimed to be able to predict it. But somehow it’s his fault that Hurricane Ian has a death toll.

Well, Maggie and friends really seem to be giving it their all.




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