Hey, so remember earlier this week, when “The View” cohost Asunción “Sunny” Hostin offered up a not-so-subtle suggestion that Nikki Haley is ashamed of her Indian heritage, as evidenced by the fact that she’s a Republican and goes by Nikki (which is her given middle name)? It was a pretty racist thing for Sunny to say, to be honest. The silver lining, though, was that it provided a fantastic opportunity for Hostin to really think about what it was she had said and to learn and grow from it.

Of course, that’s not what she did at all. She just decided to switch gears a bit and make racist remarks about Latinos:

Oh, that’s interesting to you, is it, Sunny? You know what’s interesting to us? That you can keep spewing racist garbage for money and influence and effectively suffer no professional consequences whatsoever. That’s interesting. You absolute clown.

Sorry … that was rude. What we meant to say was, “You absolute racist clown.”

She might as well just come right out and say, “If you don’t vote Democrat, then you ain’t Latino.” At least that would be kinda catchy.

Something tells us Sunny Hostin doesn’t understand how a lot of things actually work. Like how not being a racist works, for example.

No bueno, Sunny.



Nikki Haley responds to Sunny Hostin’s racist smear


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