Yesterday, we told you about PayPal, Venmo, and Google punishing Gays Against Groomers for the crime of … trying to protect children from medical and sexual abuse? We’re still not really clear on what, exactly, Gays Against Groomers has done to merit such punitive action. Do these companies really have that big a problem with advocates for children? We’re really starting to wonder.

See, PayPal has apparently been pretty busy cracking down on at least one other pro-children advocacy group across the pond. UsForThem has fought against school closures in the time of COVID, and group cofounder Molly Kingsley revealed that PayPal, in PayPal’s words, “placed a permanent limitation on [UsForThem’s] account.”


Shame on PayPal.

Pathetic … and busy, evidently. UsForThem isn’t the only U.K. organization that’s been hit by PayPal with suspensions:

This is a genuine outrage. PayPal is free to do shut down any accounts they want to shut down, of course. But — at least until companies can start shutting us down — we’re free to call them out on their decidedly authoritarianish behavior.

When does it stop?


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