“Make America Great Again” was such a terrible campaign slogan, wasn’t it? So was “Keep America Great.” Donald Trump just didn’t have what it takes to inspire the masses.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a real way with words. That’s how we ended up with “Build Back Better,” which was not only alliterative, but downright inspiring. And the best part is that when Joe Biden said he was going to Build Back Better, he really meant it. Like, obviously he meant it. That’s why our economy is really hoppin’!

Our economy is not really hoppin’, of course. It’s not even limping. It’s circling the drain and getting closer and closer to getting sucked into that little water vortex. And that’s on Mr. Build Back Better. Of course, he’d never admit that. The adult who’s back in charge is still insisting that he’s singlehandedly saving the economy despite all the evidence to the contrary:

We’ll concede that the economy is at the bottom right now, yes, but that’s about as far as we’re willing to go.

You have to laugh so you don’t cry. Or start throwing things.

He really thinks we’re stupid. Like, he’s actually telling us not to believe our own lying eyes. Anyone who’s had a look at their bills and their savings and their retirement accounts knows that the only economy Joe Biden is building is an increasingly awful one.

It’s the people at the bottom and in the middle who are hurting the most thanks to Joe Biden’s little economic construction project.

Joe Biden is only willing to take ownership of an economy that doesn’t exist; he refuses to take any accountability for the economy he’s actually saddled us with.


For all he knows, this is the 1980s. He should be so lucky. That was probably the last time he was fully coherent.


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