As the brains behind “The 1619 Project,” Nikole Hannah-Jones is accustomed to taking reality and twisting it into a pretzel. A really, really wrong pretzel. So it’s only natural that she’d take the reality of Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis sending migrants to sanctuary cities and twist it into a pretzel. A really, really wrong pretzel:

It’s worth noting Nikole Hannah-Jones already thought the notion of American exceptionalism was bogus way before this.

Good point.

What she said … was quite dumb.

Imagine being a hateful moron like Nikole Hannah-Jones and thinking that you have an intellectual or moral leg to stand on when it comes to what happens in this country.

Just pure, unadulterated, shameless ignorance.

Because Nikole Hannah-Jones is just as NIMBY-y as the rest of them.


If anything, she should offer up her own home as a sanctuary. You know, teach them what American exceptionalism is all about:

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Nikole Hannah-Jones’ pissy swipe at fellow writer Joyce Carol Oates is a textbook case of projection


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