Vice President Kamala Harris recently sat down for an interview with The Nation’s John Nichols to discuss her eternal affinity and respect for the labor movement. It was during that interview that she opened up about a secret she’s been carrying with her all these years:

More from The Nation:

Growing up in California in the late 1960s and early ’70s, with a mother who was “very deeply rooted” in the movements for economic, social, and racial justice, the vice president was inspired by Cesar Chavez, Delores Huerta, and the United Farm Workers, which used grape boycotts to force growers to negotiate. “The farmworkers movement was very much a part of my childhood,” she recalled. “This sounds quaint, and so I’m reluctant to say it, but, you know, I didn’t eat a grape until I was in my 20s. Like, literally, had never had a grape. I remember the first time I had a grape, I went, ‘Wow! This is quite tasty.’ It was absolutely ingrained so deeply in me: Never cross a picket line.”

She was right to be reluctant to say it. Because it’s so stupid. And if she thought it would make her more endearing somehow, well, she thought wrong.

We don’t believe it. But we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! (No, we didn’t.)

We’ve often speculated that Kamala Harris is some kind of masochist. This would appear to lend credence to our theory. Because all we wanna do now is mock the crap out of her, and, as stupid a person as she is, it’s still hard to believe that she wouldn’t expect anyone to call her out for pretending to have waited more than two decades to try grapes for the first time in her life. Like, come on.

She was around for everything!

Kiddie Kamala Harris must’ve been an old soul or something.



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