Were we dreaming that Joe Biden gave an angry, divisive, unhinged speech last night assailing “MAGA Republicans” as Destroyers of Democracy? Or were we just drunk?

We weren’t dreaming, and, sadly, we weren’t drunk. At least not drunk enough to forget what he’d said. No, Joe Biden genuinely harbors an immense hatred for Donald Trump’s supporters. Biden talks about being happy to work with “mainstream Republicans,” but he’s made it quite clear since taking office — since campaigning for president, actually — that the only Republican he likes is a Republican who’s actually a Democrat.

Anyway, considering how hard Biden went after “MAGA Republicans” and how much praise he’s getting from his fellow Democrats for it, you’d think that Dems would try to stick to their anti-MAGA-Republican brand for at least a little while. But nope. Dems have picked right up where they left off and are running ads to make *actual* MAGA Republicans victorious in GOP primary races:

Yeah, the Democratic Party is so terrified by the prospect of MAGA Republicans seizing power that they’re working overtime and spending millions of donors’ dollars to help a hardcore Trump acolyte defeat one of those “mainstream Republicans” that Joe Biden claims to be cool with.

So weird that Dems keep doing this.

They’re just trying to keep things interesting.

It’s almost as if Democrats have just been lying and demagoguing this entire time and don’t actually believe that Trump voters actually pose a threat to America; Trump voters, like the GOP in general, simply pose a threat to the Democrats’ grip on power. And Dems care infinitely more about maintaining that grip than they do about protecting and preserving and promoting American values and ideals.

Of course.

That’s because it is unserious. Deeply unserious.



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