As we reported yesterday, President Joe Biden gave a speech in Pennsylvania all about gun control and an assault weapons ban in which he reminded Republican and conservative Americans that they’d need an F-15 to take on the government, which definitely doesn’t sound like a not-so-thinly veiled threat to use violence to silence his opposition.

Well, during the same speech, Biden also shot his mouth off about AR-15s, and we regret to say that there probably a lot of people who were listening to him and will unquestioningly believe what he told them because they want desperately to believe it.

Just listen to this:

No, Joe. We do not, in fact, realize that. Because it’s not true. You don’t even have to be a gun expert to know it’s not true.

But for what it’s worth, an expert — an honest one — would tell you that it’s not true.

We wish you could go on stage and set Joe Biden’s rapt audience straight.

We’ll also accept “demented.” Because that’s pretty clear, as well.

Anyway, obviously it’d be great if Joe Biden could stop putting out disinformation. But that’s not gonna happen, if we’re being realistic. So perhaps Twitter could take steps to combat the problem.

That’s a great question.

Label? (D)on’t be silly!


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