In case you missed it, Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson was tormented by a student yelling racial slurs at a match hosted by BYU.

Can you believe it? It’s 2022, for crying out loud. This is an outrage.

A hero!

It’s beyond us, too, Jemele! They should’ve called the match immediately for Duke and thrown the racist BYU students in jail for the mental and emotional anguish they inflicted on Rachel Richardson. BYU should’ve been completely shut down, really. Just to make sure that something like this could never happen again.

Or maybe Jemele et al. should’ve slowed their roll, because, as it turns out, this whole thing may have turned out to be Jussie Smollett: College Edition.

Well, shoot.

But Rachel had an ESPN interview yesterday and everything! This was a teachable moment!

“I very much so felt heard and felt seen during that conversation,” she said of her meeting. “I could feel and I could see how sorry he was and honestly shocked that it happened.”

She said several BYU volleyball players have also reached out to her “just expressing how sorry they were.”

“That is a great group of girls. They were so sweet,” Richardson said. “Acted so sportsmanlike before the game, after the game, during the game.”

She added: “I just see it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the fact that racist incidents such as these, they still are happening. It’s 2022 and it should be unacceptable, but it’s still happening.”

Well, now that it appears that it is not, in fact, still happening, at least not in this particular case, we can’t help but wonder when the media firefighters and righteous crusaders for truth and justice will be taking baby steps toward walking back their outrage.

Don’t hold your breath for corrections. At least not prominent ones. If there are any corrections at all, they’ll be buried someplace where no one will find them. That’s generally how this stuff works.

Never fails.

Ah, so.


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