Sanna Marin made headlines when she became Prime Minister of Finland in 2019, in part because of her age — at 34, she was the youngest world leader — and because of, well, her vibe. She definitely brought a different one to the world stage. She was youthful and spunky and, yes, ridiculously good-looking. As a straight, happily married woman, I can totally recognize ridiculously good-looking women when I see them.

Recently, she made headlines again when footage emerged of her partying with friends.

As it happens, one of the women around the world who has come to Marin’s defense is none other than that other famously youthful, spunky, and fun-loving gal, former First Lady and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Hillary would just like Marin to know, for the record, that she knows exactly what it’s like to cut loose and dance like nobody’s watching:

Look how carefree and relaxed she looks there! That’s the face of a lady without a care in the world. Looks like it could just have easily taken place after she got news of Americans getting murdered in Benghazi.

Anyway, Marin expressed her gratitude to Clinton for the sisterhood solidarity:

You’re too kind, Prime Minister Marin.

No, seriously. You have absolutely nothing to thank Hillary Clinton for. She’s a miserable old woman who’s long past her prime, and that’s assuming she ever even had a prime in the first place. And she’s pretty shamelessly trying to catch a ride aboard Sanna Marin’s coolness coattails in order to make herself look less out-of-touch and terrible and annoying.

Hillary Clinton wants so badly to make Hillary Clinton happen. If I didn’t loathe her so much, I might actually feel kinda sorry for her. (Don’t worry — I don’t feel sorry for her.)

Lawdy, if there were an operation I could get that would allow me to unsee things … that pic would definitely be on my list of images to get erased from my mind’s eye.

I could definitely picture hell being a nonstop dance party with Hillary Clinton. Couldn’t you? I already hate dancing. If I had to dance with Hillary … dear God.

Anyway, aside from the disturbing image, Hillary’s tweet itself is just very, very cringe. Hillary, you’re no Ginger Rogers. Or Ann Richards. You’re just a mess. A self-unaware, tone-deaf mess.




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