Yesterday, Uproxx published a piece by Kimberly Ricci exposing Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro for the raging fraud that he is. Shapiro, Ricci reported, is a total hypocrite because he’s totally against Joe Biden’s student loan cancellation plan despite having personally had more than $20,000 in PPP loans forgiven.

There was just one problem, though: Uproxx had the wrong Ben Shapiro. Totally easy mistake to make. Could happen to anyone! Anyone who thinks that once you’ve seen one Shapiro, you’ve seen ’em all. Anyone who’s more obsessed with clicks than accuracy. Anyone who’s too effing lazy to do even minimal basic research before taking a flying leap over the cliff.

The Daily Wire sent a cease-and-desist letter to Uproxx for their troubles, and here’s how Ben Shapiro — the one Uproxx smeared — let everyone know:

Looks like Uproxx and Ricci did eventually see it, because somebody made some changes to the original article:

Well, that’s fitting, seeing as Uproxx is evidently literally incredible. They can’t be believed. They utterly humiliated themselves in public and got threatened with legal action, and for what? To own Ben Shapiro. They were willing to risk their reputation (or whatever you want to call it) in order to make Shapiro look like he can’t be trusted to tell the truth, when, in fact, it’s Uproxx who can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

Apparently that’s Uproxx’s brand, though.

We have no doubt that Uproxx and Ricci are very sorry … that they got caught. Is there any doubt that had Shapiro and The Daily Wire just shrugged it off and let them get away with it, Uproxx would’ve gladly left the original article up as is?


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