We’ve already done one post today on Ben Shapiro that exposed just how “dangerous” he can be. Podcast Movement, which sold booth space to The Daily Wire for its event in Dallas, sent out a Code Red that Shapiro was actually on the convention floor. Podcast Movement apologized and took “full responsibility for the harm done by his presence,” while never quite explaining what “harm” Shapiro had caused just by walking around the convention.

We have another Ben Shapiro/Daily Wire story for you. It seems that on Wednesday, the website Uproxx published a piece entitled, “Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Hater Ben Shapiro Got His Ass Handed To Him by Someone Who Pointed Out that He Had Over $20K of PPP Loan Debt Forgiven.” First of all, there’s no connection between PPP loans and student debt cancellation. And second, the person who handed Shapiro’s ass to him got the wrong Ben Shapiro, who apparently works in real estate in Los Angeles.

The Daily Wire demanded a retraction and it looks like they got it, seeing as the story is nowhere to be found on Uproxx.com.

Excellent journalisming.

You do that.

We don’t see any tweets about the big scoop either.

There are a lot of Shapiro haters in his replies calling him a “snowflake” for sending a cease-and-desist order. Yes, just let journalists outright lie about you and get away with it.

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