Yesterday, we learned that Joe Biden’s supposed authority in bypassing Congress and announcing that he was canceling student loan debt for millions of Americans came from an extremely disingenuous interpretation of a post-9/11 law about debt relief in times of war or during a national emergency. According to a memo from the Department of Education’s Office of the General Counsel to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, the COVID pandemic constitutes a national emergency (despite the fact that the Biden administration has seen fit to declare the national emergency over when politically expedient).

Anyway, speaking of Miguel Cardona, he talked to CNN’s John Berman this morning. Berman, to his credit, repeatedly tried to get Cardona to elaborate on the price tag of Joe Biden’s big, bold move. Here’s how that went:

Credit to Miguel Cardona’s makeup artist for finding pancake powerful enough to absorb all the flop sweat. He looks pretty calm despite clearly struggling to come up with convincing and intelligent answers to Berman’s straightforward but valuable questions.

Miguel really, really does not want to be in the hot seat. Which actually gives us even more cause to put him there.

Miguel Cardona’s not just a clown; he’s a jerk. A flamingly dishonest jerk. Par for the course in Joe Biden’s administration.

Next time someone asks you why you don’t trust the Biden administration or the federal government in general to look out for your interests, just show them that clip.


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