Jonathan Kay is a writer, editor, and podcast host for Quillette. He’s also, as it happens, Canadian. Which means he has a lot of occasion to see some pretty woke stuff (not that there’s a shortage of woke material in this country, but Canada has Trudeau, so you know what we’re getting at).

Anyway, Kay recently got his hands on an impressive presentation intended to help employees at a British Columbia government office better understand and be able to implement “decolonization,” and it’s a hell of a ride!

See for yourselves:

“Andrea’s advantages also include being white and small.” All white and small people out there, check your privilege, OK?

We had no idea we still have so much to learn!

Maybe they should change it to PGM-G and PGM-B, where the second “G” stands for “good” and the “B” stands for “bad.” That might make it easier.

Using Mr. Bean just makes the lesson more accessible to more people who may not have known that Hitler took his cues from Canada.

We may not be Canadian ourselves, but still. We’re learning so much!

Who do you want to be? A 1, 2, 3, or 4? Evil, evil, evil, or divine?

Wait, what’s wrong with “pristine”? Guys, we’re starting to wonder about this presentation … 

So … if we want to fight white supremacy, we should be rude, late, pick a side, and fly by the seats of our pants? Is that what this slide is saying?

Holy hell. It really is a cult. Get outta there, British Columbian government employees!

None of this makes any sense. Unless you’re out of your mind.

And it would appear that the government in British Columbia is run by people who are out of their minds.

Perhaps the citizens of British Columbia should shut down the government until they can figure out what the hell is going on.

And when they figure out what the hell is going on, they’ll want to keep the government shut down.


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