MSNBC opinion piece argues — poorly — that the end of Roe v. Wade ‘directly serves white supremacists’ horrifying plot’

We’ve never accused MSNBC of publishing thoughtful, reasonable, well argued takes on various issues … and we’re not going to start today.

No, we’re just going to shine yet another spotlight on yet another objectively awful MSNBC opinion piece. This one:


We may have missed it when it was originally published on August 14, but please rest assured that the intellectual rot is still quite fresh:

Reports late last month of the arrest of a former Marine with ties to a neo-Nazi group highlight the dangerous and somewhat convoluted relationship between white extremists and the state of reproductive rights in the United States. The man, identified as a leader of the neo-Nazi group Rapekrieg, was reportedly spearheading a mass murder of minorities and mass rape of “white women to increase production of white children,” according to Rolling Stone. (Twitchy editor’s note: Rolling Stone, the same outlet behind the UVA frat rape hoax.)

The horrific revelations are a reminder that white supremacy, male supremacy and violent extremism go hand in hand. Minorities and white women are targets of an ideology that both seeks to reduce nonwhite populations and to increase white ones. For this and other white supremacist extremist groups, the mass murder of minorities and the mass rape of white women are twin goals oriented toward maintaining a white majority nation.

White women aren’t only victims of this worldview; women play an active role across the far-right spectrum, including some actively promoting women’s roles in restoring white birth rates. In 2017, one white supremacist extremist mother issued a “white baby challenge” on social media, urging other white women to have at least as many white babies (six) as she had birthed. The challenge came on the heels of a tweet from then-Iowa Rep. Steve King in which he warned: “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

The former Marine arrested last month had allegedly written a group plan to conduct both mass killing of minorities and mass rape of white women in order to create a white ethno-state, describing rape as “an extremely effective tool against our many foes.” He allegedly planned an attack on a synagogue, got a New York City police officer to purchase his weapons and used his military training to train other neo-Nazi group members. The layers of danger here are hard to overestimate.

Groups like Rapekrieg are fringe extremists whose violent plots clearly constitute terrorist action. But in a post-Roe world, a plot to force women to become pregnant, however fringe it might be, takes on a whole new meaning. Amid near-constant revelations of white supremacist extremist and other far right plots in this country over the past few years (and worse, successfully executed attacks and mass shootings), we have seen far too little U.S. government energy dedicated to combatting the threat of white supremacist extremism. How many more Rapekrieg-type plots will it take for this to change?

We can at least give her a little bit of credit for acknowledging that white supremacists have a long record of being in favor of abortions in minority communities (according to Miller-Idriss, white supremacists only want abortion banned for white women, or something). But Miller-Idriss conspicuously left out the fact that Planned Parenthood, that darling of the pro-abort Left, also heavily targets minority communities, which makes sense as they’re just trying to fulfill the mission of founder and rabid eugenicist Margaret Sanger.

Put simply, white supremacists have a lot more in common with liberal abortion advocates than they do with pro-life conservatives.


… then literally every nail is wHiTe SuPrEmAcY.


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