Recently, Libs of Tik Tok spotlighted a video from Boston Children’s Hospital about “gender-affirming hysterectomies” for minor girls. Here it is again, in case you missed it:

If you were asking yourself how Boston Children’s Hospital could possibly look any worse, well, wonder no more. Because this arguably makes them look even worse than the hysterectomy thing:

(If you’re like us, you initially see a “potentially sensitive content” warning where the video should be. Is that because Twitter knows deep down that Boston Children’s Hospital is insane for this?)

That’s exactly what Boston Children’s Hospital wants to do to your kids. You just weren’t supposed to know about it in quite that detail, which might have something to do with why that particular video is no longer available to view on their YouTube channel.

On just a surface level, the video is straight-up nuts. Toddlers can communicate their transgender identity — let alone understand the concept of transgenderism — to their parents as soon as they learn how to talk? Kerry McGregor, PsyD, is gonna need to show us her work on that one, because we’re pretty skeptical.

And how about this idea that a child can identify as transgender “as early as, seemingly, from the womb”? How exactly does that work? Especially when you consider that the sorts of people who would advocate for gender reassignment surgery for kids will also tell you that unborn babies aren’t even people?

Whoa, guys. Whoa.

But they want it both ways! And isn’t that enough?

Hey, their rules, right?

Honestly, if we’re looking at all this stuff from a strictly scientific standpoint, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that unborn babies are people. But when it comes to evidence that unborn babies know whether or not they’re transgender, or whether toddlers know that they’re transgender … well, the evidence is decidedly lacking.

In any event, far be it from us to tell other parents how to raise their kids, but … parents, keep your kids the hell away from Kerry McGregor.



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