Do you ever get the feeling that the loudest and most dedicated #NeverTrump voices would sooner starve themselves to death than stop talking about Donald Trump? You do? Good. Because you’re right.

The Bill Kristols and Rick Wilsons and Tim Millers and David Frums of the world saw a golden opportunity in Donald Trump, an opportunity to make bigger names for themselves by pretending to be stunning and brave conservatives when really all they wanted was to ingratiate themselves with the Left. They call Donald Trump a grifter, and they’re arguably right about that. But game recognizes game, and they’re just as bad, if not worse, than Trump is. They’re supposed to be better than him. Honest. Principled.

They’re not. And our friend Amy Curtis is rightly sick and tired of watching them preen about honor and integrity and morality when they’re way down there, gleefully wallowing in the muck and filth. In yet another of her typically fantastic threads, Curtis took them to the woodshed for their greed and cravenness masquerading as stunning bravery — and for their prominent roles in getting us into the horrific political and economic and moral mess we’re currently in and show no signs of getting out of:

Come the 2016 election season, many Republican voters wanted someone who’d “fight back.” And Donald Trump did.

And he was rewarded for that not just by Republicans, but by liberals and media Guardians of Truth who thought that the more they propped him up, the harder he’d fall to Hillary Clinton.

Dick Cheney will once again be the Murderous War Criminal Who Shot His Friend in the Face.

“Lucrative” is the key word there. The toads at the Lincoln Project, for example, have made out like bandits thanks to their obsession with Donald Trump. And they’re immensely proud of themselves for that!

And even though we’ve seen right through their schtick for years now, as time passes, they only lean into it harder. It’s worth sh*tting all over Republicans and conservatives for them, not just financially, but also in terms of social clout. It’s been truly sickening to watch.

They hope that in hitching their wagons to the Left they once claimed to oppose, they’ll be among the last to drown when it all goes under. But no one’s gonna show up to save them. Because they’re the ones who helped blow up the dam.

All of this will fall on Principled Conservatives™ deaf ears, of course, but we’re proud to be right there with Amy, shouting it from the rooftops.



Amy Curtis gets to the heart of leftists’ outrage over SCOTUS decisions destroying ‘democracy’ in fantastic thread


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