You may think you know Joe Biden, but you don’t know him like CNN White House correspondent John Harwood knows him. And where you might see “a feeble septuagenarian atop a mismanaged White House,” John sees “an experienced leader, smiling behind aviator sunglasses.”

Harwood writes:

It has not happened because of a strategy shift or staff shakeup, though at low points allies wanted him to take those ritual steps. It’s been a combination of good luck, skill and persistence by a president and Democratic Party determined to act unilaterally where Republicans wouldn’t and strike compromises where Republicans would.

Biden’s weak public standing has begun ticking slightly up. Democrats on the 2022 ballot have gained more ground from anger over the conservative Supreme Court’s decision to end the constitutional right to abortion.

But that doesn’t mean voters will reward them in midterm elections this fall. Republicans need just a four-seat net gain — well below the historical average for the party not holding the White House — to recapture control of the House.

Nor does it mean Biden will follow the precedents of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan in recovering from early setbacks to win a second term. At age 79, Biden looks the part of the oldest chief executive in American history as restless younger Democrats eye fresh leadership.

But it does mean the President and his party have capitalized on the opportunity control of government has given them for these two years. They have done much of what they sought public office to do.

Oh, Joe Biden and his administration have definitely done much of what they sought public office to do. They sought public office to make the federal government more bloated than ever and to bleed Americans dry. They’ve been doing just that, and that’s why no matter how much John Harwood wants us to be impressed by Joe Biden’s ability to smile behind those aviator sunglasses, barring a heavenly miracle, Democrats are going to suffer in the midterms.

But you go off, John. You go right off.

Or a different pair?

Bless you for trying, John. Hopefully Joe will get you a fruit basket or something as a thank-you.


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