The new inflation numbers are out, and if you haven’t seen them already, you’ll be relieved to know how good they are:

OK, so the numbers don’t sound good. Look at them again:

OK, so the numbers still don’t sound good. Let’s try one more time:

OK, so the numbers still still don’t sound good.

Maybe we’re just missing the right perspective. We’re looking at the numbers from a conservative perspective, but liberals have a much rosier read on the situation.

Dems are definitely in glass-half-full mode over inflation. Which, of course, means that the media are, too.

That’s pretty much where the media are at, yes.

We’ll start with AP White House correspondent Zeke Miller’s take, which, while not awesome, is probably the least offensive of the bunch:

That’s about as accurate a media tweet as you’re gonna get.

The bar is pretty low, though, as you’ll see.

That’d be nice … but it’s asking an awful lot of the people for whom our expectations have been steadily declining.

Here’s how Washington Post economic columnist Heather Long summarized the data:

At least she acknowledges that prices of basic necessities are still on the rise. She probably should’ve led with that, though, since more Americans care a lot more about stuff like food than they do about airfares.

They’re kind of extremely important.

Unless, of course, you work at CNN, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter:

A breather! That’s one way to put it, we suppose …

Nowhere. Nowhere in that report.

To their credit, Axios acknowledged that food prices rose. Unfortunately, their overall take was hot garbage:

And here’s Axios’ chief economic correspondent Neil Irwin:

That’s definitely news to us.

Narrator: It’s not. At least we’re not feeling relieved. Are you?

They want us to take to the streets for a ticker-tape parade.

Propaganda is right.

Next time a smug journalist wonders aloud why the public’s faith in the media has evaporated, just show them this post.

What Americans really need right now, aside from everyone in the Biden administration to resign, is a media that can be honest with them. Unfortunately, what we need is not what we have.

Even if they actually understand that the inflation numbers are bad and are just pretending the numbers are good, when it comes to understanding the American public, they just don’t have a clue.

Maybe the media should take a breather.


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