As we told you yesterday, The Bulwark went through a very messy breakup with GOP Rep. Peter Meijer after Meijer lost his primary race to John Gibbs, a Trump acolyte and stolen-election conspiracy theorist — and the beneficiary of the DCCC spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of donors’ money to ensure that he would be the GOP nominee.

To be clear, the messy part of the messy breakup is all on The Bulwark’s end. Peter Meijer, while he’s disappointed that he lost, understands the role the DCCC played in his defeat, and he’s been highly critical of Democrats and their shenanigans. That’s where he lost The Bulwark’s respect, because if there’s one thing they will not stand for, it’s calling out their Democratic friends for behaving badly.

Aaaaaaanyway, Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, has been calling out The Bulwark for their brazenly partisan about-face on Meijer. And Bulwark senior editor Jim Swift is pretty disgusted by that:

In case you’re wondering, here are the five tweets to which Swift is referring:

Sounds to us like Miller’s just calling The Bulwark’s behavior as he sees it. Which is how everyone should see it, because The Bulwark is full of liberal jackwagons who shamelessly masquerade as conservatives.

Wethinks the gentleman doth project too much.

Right? If Bill Kristol’s not a bad faith actor, nobody is. (Just so we’re clear, Bill Kristol is most definitely a bad faith actor, as is Jimothy Swift.)


Last word to Miller, because he deserves it:

Holy crap. He does!



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