It’s a hard-knock life at The Bulwark.

As if it weren’t bad enough that their great white hope Joe Biden has done more damage in eight months than even the most pessimistic among us could have predicted, there’s also the Babylon Bee to contend with.

Here’s Jim Swift with the troubling news:

Swift concludes:

In a way, the progress of the Babylon Bee mirrors what has happened to a lot of American Christian organizations over the last few years, both Protestants and denizens of the One True Church. The Christian Post became Breitbart for Believers. Liberty University became the MAGA Strayer University. First Things became Theocracy Monthly. And the Babylon Bee turned into the Federalist’s humor vertical.

As a wise man once said: Everything Trump touches dies.

“A wise man” named … Rick Wilson. Talk about Babylon-Bee-worthy.

Honestly, Jim’s beef seems pretty petty. He comes off as envious of the Babylon Bee’s popularity and success, because, let’s face it: The Bulwark sucks. That’s not our opinion; that’s a fact. With precious few exceptions, as rule, The Bulwark is where verbal garbage goes to decompose.

Wow. No wonder Jim’s so mad.

Don’t laugh! It’s not funny.

That would make anyone upset!

And Leon’s getting laaaaaarger!

We’ll make sure to have popcorn on hand in the future.

Great point.

And here’s one more, from Babylon Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann:

Unintentional satire is just too difficult to top.