As we told you yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ deputy press secretary Bryan Griffin revealed that “The View” had recently reached with a request to host DeSantis on an upcoming episode. A gracious and generous offer, to be sure.

Griffin received plenty of responses to his request for the public’s thoughts on the invite, and this morning, the DeSantis campaign responded to “The View” with some thoughts of their own:

That crashing sound you just heard? That was the sound of Ron DeSantis’ campaign dropping the mic on “The View.”

“We will pass on this offer.” Seems like a totally reasonable move to make in light of the comments from “View” cohosts that Griffin cited.

Just last week, Christina Pushaw dropped a mic of her own on Politico’s Jack Shafer after Shafer wrote a piece whining about Republican politicians refusing to sit down with a mainstream media that is openly hostile and liberally biased:

Pushaw was right about that, just like Griffin is right about this. More and more often, it’s just not worth trying to play ball with the MSM, because the MSM constantly cheats.

Not gonna lie, though. A little part of us wishes we could’ve had the opportunity to watch Ron DeSantis face off with those harpies, if only to see them get their clocks cleaned before producers could cut to commercial break.