In case you missed it, Adam Kinzinger is kind of a major douchebag. And he’s a major douchebag largely in the name of opposing the sort of violent rhetoric and incivility championed by former President Donald Trump.

Earlier today, Kinzinger sent a rather uncivil tweet to Ben Domenech. We’ll get to it in a moment, but we’re going to set the stage first so you can see what led up to it.

Over the weekend, Fox News published an opinion piece by Marine vet and U.S. Senate candidate from Missouri Lucas Kunce. In his piece, Kunce castigated Senate Republicans for blocking cloture on the Honoring Our PACT Act, which was ostensibly about helping veterans who had been exposed to toxic burn pits but in reality contained hundreds of billions of dollars in pork.

Ben Domenech took issue with Kunce’s position, and he said so on Twitter:

The contentious back-and-forth continued:

It’s that last tweet from Domenech that got Adam Kinzinger’s hackles up. So here’s what Kinzinger said to put Domenech in his place:

“Trumpism destroys souls.” The same can arguably be said for extreme anti-Trumpism, which is what Adam Kinzinger quite obviously — and proudly — suffers from. Extreme Trumpism and anti-Trumpism are basically a horseshoe. Calling someone a piece of human garbage? That’s something Trump would do. Say “F you” to someone? That’s something Trump would do. Make a thinly veiled threat of violence against someone? That’s something Trump would do.

Congratulations, Adam Kinzinger, you have officially become everything you claim to hate.

So is Meghan McCain, apparently. She responded to his nasty tweet by calling him out, and she did a pretty good job of it:

Regarding that last bit, Kinzinger’s wife Sofia Boza-Holman did indeed work in the Trump administration:

She was with the Republican National Committee for most of 2016 and served as the press secretary for Hispanic media. After a brief role working for the inaugural committee, she joined the White House staff as a regional communications director during the Trump administration.

According to a June 2017 report on White House personnel, she earned a $62,000 salary in that role. In January 2018, Boza-Holman started working under Vice President Mike Pence’s office as the director of strategic media. She remained in that role for two years before shifting to the Department of Homeland Security. She has also served as the deputy assistant secretary of media affairs until August 2020.

“Let’s not do this” sounds like sage advice for Adam Kinzinger. Actually, he should probably just write that down and look at it every time he thinks about opening his mouth.