So what’s happening with the assault weapons ban stuff? Here’s the latest on what’s going on in the House:

Sounds like there’s some infighting in the House over some of the language regarding police funding.

Anyway, while we wait to see what the House ends up doing, we can only assume that Senate Democrats are paying very close attention to the proceedings. Or at least paying close attention to gun control activist David Hogg, who seems to be under the impression that he has a great deal of clout when it comes to what Senate Majority Leader Steny Hoyer decides to do:

You hear that, Sen. Hoyer? If you don’t get David that vote, he’s gonna call all your donors and personally select grabbier gun-grabbers to primary you. He’s serious! Take him seriously!

This is not a drill:

We can only imagine how violently Steny Hoyer is shaking in his boots right now over Hogg’s tweets. He must be out of his mind with fear about his job security.

We’re being facetious, of course. We’d honestly be shocked if Hoyer ever saw Hogg’s tweets, and if he did, we’d honestly be shocked if Hoyer didn’t alternate between rolling his eyes and rolling on the floor laughing. And we certainly don’t care for Steny Hoyer, but we’d be right there with him. David Hogg is a cartoon character.

Hogg seems to genuinely believe that he holds all the cards when it comes to gun control legislation. Like he’s some kind of Svengali who knows how to manipulate legislators and bend them to his whims. It’s simultaneously hilarious and pitiful.

Truly. Bless it:

Anyone? Anyone?

Just this past month, in fact! Tough break, Davey.