We’re coming to the end of a hell of a week in politics, and the White House is, quite frankly, exhausted. But the Biden administration never sleeps (unless you count Joe Biden’s naps and early bedtimes), and they’re rallying today in order to make sure the American people understand just how deeply this administration cares about inflation and just how hard they’re working despite Republicans’ efforts to ruin everything.

Over to you, Karine Jean-Pierre:

Damn those Republicans and their false rage! Don’t they understand or care that Biden and the Democrats have a rock-solid plan to fight inflation? It’s right there in the name of the Senate’s bill!

Seriously, that’s effectively Karine Jean-Pierre’s argument:

Joe Biden hires the best people.

Same energy.

She’ll just tell us that in that case, the bill’s name doesn’t line up with what the bill actually does. Things just work (D)ifferent when you’re a Democrat, you know?

Solid as the applesauce Joe eats for dinner every night.

Maybe she’s laughing because even she doesn’t believe the words that are coming out of her mouth.

Let’s get back to the “false rage” business, if we may. Dismissing Americans’ very real, very legitimate concerns about the economy doesn’t seem like the best strategy for selling us on the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” but what do we know?

If this is the route they want to take to peddle their garbage ideas, well, we can’t stop them. Since Joe Biden was sworn in as POTUS, he and his administration have made it pretty clear that they don’t actually care about issues that actually affect regular Americans on a daily basis.

And because that’s the case, they should probably dedicate at least a little of their time preparing for the impending bloodbath in November.