Earlier this week, Politico chief economic correspondent Ben White boldly proclaimed that two consecutive quarters of GDP shrinkage does not constitute a recession, per se.

As a number of people pointed out, this contradicted what White had previously said regarding recessions:

That, friends, is what hackery looks like.

Well, that … and also this:

Oh, is that what happened?

It’s certainly one explanation. Not an honest one, of course, but it’s an explanation nevertheless.

Sure, Jan.

He thinks we’re as stupid as he claims he is.

Upon clownery upon clownery …

Ben would’ve been better off just disappearing from Twitter for a little while. Just sorta fade away into the background until we’d all forgotten about him. Instead, he’s only managed to make himself look like an even bigger jackass. And we weren’t sure that was possible.

His defense is “I get paid to know what I’m talking about, but I don’t actually know what I’m talking about?” It’s not every day a journalist busts out the incompetence card to acquit himself. What a time to be alive, huh?

To be clear, we don’t actually believe that White just wasn’t staying up to date on his economic terminology. We have no doubt that he was and is fully aware of what constitutes a recession but just doesn’t want to admit it because it would make the current administration look bad.

It really, really is.



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