Ever since Donald Trump came down that escalator back in 2015 — or at least ever since he clinched the 2016 Republican presidential nomination it’s been nothing short of fascinating to watch the media rewrite their own version of history regarding past Republican presidential nominees. Their narratives on Mitt Romney, in particular, have … well, let’s just say they’ve evolved quite a bit.

These days, they cite Mitt Romney as a good an honorable man, of vestige of the Before Times, before the Republican Party became the Party of Trump, the Party of Evil, the Party of Hate. They do this because they are evidently under the impression that we were literally born yesterday and therefore have absolutely no recollection of what they did to Romney.

The media’s treatment of Mitt Romney played a huge role in ultimately propelling Donald Trump to the 2016 GOP nomination and then into the White House. But if you even hint at that, journos will bristle and tell you that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Case in point, Raw Story journalist Matthew Chapman, whose purported memory of the Romney campaign differs greatly from the reality version:

“He was not presented as a threat to democracy or as a man of rotten personal character.” The only possible explanation for how Chapman can actually believe that is that he was literally living  under a rock during the entire 2012 election season.


That’s some historical revisionism, right there.

Mitt Romney couldn’t so much as sneeze without Democrats and the media using it to paint him as basically a younger version of Mr. Burns. Please, Matthew. Please.

Obviously Matthew is completely full of it, and we could just leave it at that. Or we could let Twitchy fixture @politicalmath chew him up and spit him out.

Yeah, let’s do that:

Republicans didn’t slime Mitt Romney and drag him and his family through the mud; Democrats and the media made that happen. And Democrats and the media made Trump happen.

And until they finally sack up and own it, they can go right ahead and keep wallowing in the flaming dumpster that is their garbage reputation.